Tiger Woods

24 Feb

Tiger Woods.


Precise Limestone Report

21 Feb

Precise Limestone Report.


20 Feb



20 Feb



Foxfire drives me away.

But the reminiscence

urges me on to stay

in the light that would lead

me home someday through bog

and an array of weed.

It’s the result of fog

that obscures the faces

at home. I hear Him say

they’re just twenty paces,

Fifty, hundred, away.


Endless time seems to pass.


I see my own blue breath

at night, feel like a ghost.

Long since faced with my death.

And what I hope the most

is that my family

will see me like I will

see them. Will they see me?

Holes cannot with tears fill.

But then again, foxfire

too can illuminate

a misty frame in dire

need of a friendly fate.


So I stay up at night,

Reading by the foxfire;

It is the only light

lighting up the vast mire.

In between my journey

through the sick swamp I read

of tinctures, stains, relics.

Maybe I’d find a map

that would guide me, would lead

me home someday through marsh

when God is not a liar

times don’t seem to be harsh

and when the lovely light

is greater than foxfire…

On Cloud Nine

20 Feb

On Cloud Nine.

Lion Dance

19 Feb

Lion Dance.


19 Feb